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Content& Social Media

The right content for your website, really depends on who your customers are and what they want from you. Together, we develop buyer personas and map their customer experience when journeying with you depending on whether you need a full service social media agency, or just an extension of your marketing team.

Content Assets & Audit

We take stock of your arsenal of marketing collateral. Noting the imagery styles and content tonality used across various brochures, websites, name cards, direct mailers, promotional messaging. Let us build upon what you have already done, and what you see as working for you.

Content Matrix

Blending both content buckets and buyer persona and their experience with you. We build layers of data and consumer insights to build a content marketing roadmap strategy best suited to your uniqueness in your industry.

Content Desk & Distribution

Be it social media listening or distributing content on social media, we’ll craft a customized social media strategy that speaks to your listeners. Our programs can go from simple “Start from Zero”, to more advanced “We are Hero” desk schedules. Most importantly, we align your intended business outcomes to the social media opportunities out there so that you get credible views to your pages.

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