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Not all your leads are made equal. Score each of them with points and communicate with them constantly. Don’t guess what your leads are worth in the sales pipeline.

We help you define, score, and predict:

  1. How likely they are the close.

  2. How much they are likely to spend.

  3. How quickly they’re likely to close.

So instead of wasting your time on cold leads, let us tell you where to place your greatest efforts.

No more
Zombie leads

Nurture them with time, and forecast when they are ready to be contacted, or remove them.

Marketing Leads
handed-off to Sales Teams

Send those warmed up and highest probability leads to the best closer in your sales teams. Move MQLs to SQLs seamlessly without having to send yet another email.

Track Behaviors
& Actions

Is your lead generation strategy working? Track all metrics and keep improving over time.

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